Production plants, a fundamental resource for any territory, are subject to laws that define procedures and limits to be observed for each type of industrial process.

Like all manufacturers, especially foundries, we are constantly subject to all manner of inspections and monitoring by the relevant authorities (regional environmental protection agency (ARPA), Town Council, District Council, etc.), which consist in analysing fumes, water (sewage, first foul flush and remaining stormwater runoff), dust, noise and visual emissions.

We meet and exceed current code, taking extra measures to keep people safe and protect the environment where we work.

The system for managing, monitoring and reducing environmental impact is rigorous and thorough.

Responsibility and transparency are the principles that guide all our activities, at every level.

We have opened up our foundry to the outside world, with dedicated open days and continuous communication regarding the work we carry out.

Any visitors wishing to see what we do are very welcome and a direct communication channel has been set up with local residents, because we believe it is important that they are able approach the source directly in order to obtain dependable technical answers to any requests for explanation and deeper understanding.



Every production activity has its own specific impact on the various components (air, water, earth and energy) that make up the environment; for each of these the law imposes limits that can be measured through specific analysis, the results of which have to be presented to the supervising bodies at periodic intervals and kept for future inspections by the relevant authorities.  Punctual observation and application of these regulations, along with all possible preventive measures taken in Fonderie di Montorso are structured according to the environmental management system (EMS) part of UNI EN ISO 14001 Standard which imposes the most rigorous and strict control over the application of environmental regulations. 

The adoption of this system by a company is voluntary and demonstrates its constant commitment towards all external associates.

Fonderie di Montorso subscribes to the Confindustria Charter of Environmental Sustainability Principles.



The Safety Management System (SMS) adopted by FdM is structured according to OHSAS 18001 Standard, to which the company subscribes to demonstrate its commitment to making the factory a workplace that is as safe as possible in order to prevent and, as far as is technically and humanly possible, eliminate accidents.  The facts and figures on accidents and the results achieved in terms of accidents avoided are the subject of a monthly report shared with all employees.

The rules on safety also impose a health protocol which in our foundry “Fonderie di Montorso” has been applied even in excess of the legal requirements.  In addition, every two years we run a test to measure the level of stress created at work, a self-assessment to measure and monitor the common psychological mood.