Driven by an unwavering commitment to delivering services/products of the highest standard, Fonderia Scaranello takes meticulous care throughout the production process, with thorough controls at every stage.

The culture of quality is applied across every aspect of production, from goods inwards right up to when the final product leaves the foundry.

We produce patterns of all kinds using CAD systems for 2D patterns and CREO 1 for 3D.

We liaise with the customers’ own technical departments in order to optimize the product/process, coming up with financially beneficial technical solutions.

We design casting systems using simulation software.

We use two automatic core shooters for the production and the finishing of shells and several manual stations for the production of cores for the castings.

An annual capacity of 2,000 tonnes achieved with:

  • 1 medium frequency induction furnace with 600 kg of capacity
  • 2 medium frequency induction furnaces with 300 kg of capacity
Ni-Hard ASTM A532-1A
Cr-Hard (Stellite) ASTM A532-II A-E
Ni-resist ASTM A436 1-6
Ductile iron UNI EN 1563
Gray Iron UNI EN 1561

Horizontals MECFOND.

We are equipped to produce castings from few grams to 5 kg per unit.

The various departments for the finishing of castings use the latest generation systems:

  • Shot blasting: belted tumbling shot blasting machines; hook-type cabinet;
  • Fettling: bench and portable grinders are used for fettling in a designated area on site;

In compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification we perform regular quality controls at each stage of production. Item traceability is therefore ensured throughout the entire production process. Additionally our laboratory equipped with spectrometer, microscope and durometer, carries out in depth analysis to ensure consistency in quality.