Fonderie di Montorso spa was founded in 1962. For over half a century it has been producing high quality grey iron castings.

Since 2010 Patrizia Comello is CEO of Fonderie di Montorso spa. Upon her arrival she designed a strategic investment plan of € 25 million. The plan was fully met (2011-2016).

January 2016: Fonderie di Montorso introduces SAP, the most advanced Enterprise Resource Planning System worldwide. The new ERP covers all areas of the company, from production to administration, guaranteeing full control, shared data in real time and efficiency.

September 2016: Fonderie di Montorso spa takes over Fondmatic spa. Fondmatic spa was established in 1974. Since 2000 the company has been a leader in the production of castings for hydraulic sector, in both grey and ductile iron.

November 2017: Fonderie di Montorso receives the ELITE certificate issued by Borsa Italiana, following completion of the programme undertaken in 2015. The aim of the initiative was to assess and consolidate corporate expertise under the various aspects of governance and growth.

1 January 2018: the merger of Fondmatic into Fonderie di Montorso by acquisition becomes effective and the two foundries enter the market as a single company (Fonderie di Montorso). “Fondmatic” remains the specialised brand used by both foundries for hydraulic castings. With the merger, there are now more than 460 employees in the two plants at Montorso Vicentino and Crevalcore. Operation – with a single organisational structure – is based on the same integrated information, safety and environment management system for both plants.

2018 – 2020: strategic objectives
– Strengthen our leading role in hydraulic and complex mechanical markets for both grey and ductile iron castings.
– Create synergies in order to improve and optimize products and production.
– Investments for both plants up to 20.000.000€.
– Increase turnover abroad.