Fonderia Scaranello Srl specializes in core- moulding and in casting grey, ductile cast irons and high-alloy cast irons with Shell Moulding technology and also specialises in cast irons CNC finishing.


Core shop

Cores are essential elements to guarantee excellence in castings. We use high quality raw materials and process them with cutting edge technology, patented in house.


Casting is highly flexible. Our small furnaces allow the production of a great variety of cast iron based on client specifications. Production includes: grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, special alloys and Ni-hard cast iron.


During the finishing phase our CNC lathes guarantee extreme precision in the finished product.


We assemble seal rings with high quality seal rubber validated by final customers.

Quality control

In compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification we perform regular quality controls at each stage of production. Item traceability is therefore ensured throughout the entire production process. Additionally our laboratory is equipped with spectrometer, microscope and durometer and carries out in depth analysis to ensure consistency in quality.


Our engineering office assists the customer and offers advantageous technical solutions to optimise the product and process. We use the most advanced design and simulation technologies for the casting and solidification processes. We also have a three-dimensional printing system for rapid prototyping.