Technology and investments for the environment
The past few weeks have seen the conclusion of a project that Fonderie di Montorso started in 2017 to set up an environmental system at its plant in Montorso Vicentino. The investment, of 750k Euro, aims to enhance fume collection in the workplace. The scheduled measures will take the treatment capacity of the company abatement […]
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Producing professionally and efficiently
In a company where utmost efficiency and strict application of safety standards are the rule you live by, the holiday shutdown presents the ideal opportunity to get the maintenance team in. So Fonderie di Montorso was a hive of activity over the August break: cleaning, refractory relining, mechanical and electrical plant maintenance, as well as […]
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Social responsibility report 2015
On 31 October of last year Fonderie di Montorso published its social responsibility report for the period 2010-2014, with the intention of making it an annual event. And it did indeed become so. The new social responsibility report for 2015 has now been made public and can be consulted on the company website. The social […]
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