At  Fonderie di Montorso the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility are very dear to us. Our management and working philosophy is fully compliant with the directions of UNI EN ISO 26000, the guideline approved by 91 countries worldwide on the best practices for the social commitment of companies and organisations.

In order to align the conduct of each of us with the basic principles of social responsibility, we have embraced a code of ethics; we are equipped with the Supervisory Board, as provided for by law 231/01, which supervises the correct running of the internal organisational model; we subject ourselves to inspections by the leading independent certification bodies that confirm the correctness of our operations in relation to the fundamental aspects of management (PricewaterhouseCoopers for our accounting and the auditing of our financial statements, DetNorskeVeritas for the quality system, safety and the environment). All of this assures our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, consultants, neighbours, banking institutions etc.) on our “social commitment” to creating value, which is the basic purpose of our corporate management.


But no matter what direction we work in to make our company socially responsible, the main principle for us is to guarantee those who work at the Foundry:

  • • the best possible health and safety conditions;
  • • continual opportunities for professional growth;
  • • peace of mind in the workplace;
  • • respect and appreciation for every role;
  • • the opportunity to share the company’s strategic objectives.

Every day our actions are guided by these principles, expressed operationally in so many forms and channels, being proud of every result, of each piece of knowledge, of every improvement that we achieve together.  We do in fact consider it essential to share the results achieved (as well as the errors) and future objectives, including medium-term strategic ones.  Knowing what we want to accomplish helps us to undertake the “how” to our best endeavours and within the timescales demanded, uniting us in the enthusiasm and spirit of belonging to the company.

The professional and personal enrichment that achieved internally brings about directly and indirectly enrichment of the territory where we work.  Outside working hours many of us contribute to the cultural and recreational life of the territory, exchanging ideas both inside and outside the company, and also offering us the opportunity to support certain activities that are also part of our social commitment.