Fonderie di Montorso produces high quality grey cast iron pieces under sub-contract and is able to produce by means of automatic plant, castings weighing from 0.5 to 100 kg per unit.

The company has 242 employees and the production facility, which undergoes continuous development, occupies a surface area of approx. 44,000 square metres, 17,000 of which is given over to industrial units.

These figures only tell a little about the company.  They must be backed up by half a century of experience and a human capital handed down over 50 years of casting.

The human capital are the people involved; those who have worked here and who currently work here, those who have left and will leave their mark, passing on a part of their lives to younger co-workers and to future workers.

These represent the soul and the strength of the company.

50° Fonderie di Montorso - 12 e 13 october 2012